Breath of God

March 29, 2020

(Ezekiel 37:1-14; John 11:41-45)
March 29, 2020



Fifth Sunday in Lent

Rev. Dawn Garrett-Larsen, Pastor

Lay Readers: Curt & Molly Bailey

March 29, 2020                                                                                                         Worship 10:30 AM



PRELUDE                                   The Lord’s Prayer         by Mallory


Leader: Loving God, hear our cry 

People: Bring us to life 

Leader: Redeeming God, rescue us 

People: Bring us to life 

Leader: Spirit of God, breathe on us 

People: Bring us to life 

Leader: The love of God is at home in us 

People: We live in peace  

Leader: The justice of Jesus is at home in us 

People: We live in hope 

Leader: The wildness of God’s Spirit is at home in us 

People: We live in wonder and joy 

*HYMN # 419 (Green)               My Faith Looks Up to Thee

*INVOCATION (in unison)

God of mercy, we come to you dry and lifeless, seeking your breath of life. Lead us to the place where our hopes lie buried and call us out from the tombs of despair. Call forth our faith that we may know you to be the resurrection and the life, in this world and the world to come. Amen.

LORD’S PRAYER (trespasses)  

*GLORIA PATRI #734 (Green)

ANTHEM                                                    Be Still My Soul (click on title)                 arr. Marcie Smith

Rebecca Fitzpatrick, violin; Abigail Rice, viola; Thomas Rice, cello; Edie Rice, piano



HEBREW BIBLE LESSON                      Ezekiel 37:1-14


CALL TO PRAYER                   Come Bring Your Burdens to God

Come bring your burdens to God (3 times); For Jesus will never say no!


*HYMN #521 (Green)                            Abide with Me  

GOSPEL LESSON                                      John 11:41-45 


SERMON                                                   Breath of God                                     Rev. Dawn Garrett-Larsen

SPECIAL MUSIC                            We Shall Walk Through the Valley In Peace


Offertory                                  Beautiful Savior                  arr. Michael Burkhardt


*The Doxology #34 (Green)



We worship you, God of Life, with our hearts, our souls and the gifts we give to support ministry in this place. We devote our time to you, and all the talents you have entrusted to us. Accept us as a congregation presented for your use on the altar of life. Let us be menders of broken relationships, bearers of your healing Spirit, proclaimers of your active and inclusive love. In Christ’s name. Amen.

*HYMN #22 (Green)                      Let All Things Now Living


POSTLUDE                             When Jesus Wept                      W. Billings

Call to Worship adapted and reprinted from Eggs and Ashes; Invocation adapted and reprinted from Touch Holiness; Unison Prayer of Dedication reprinted from Fresh Winds of the Spirit, Book 2

Happy Birthday

March 31 Jennifer Maxfield & Abby Rice

April 1 Brooke Lupton

April 2 Hannah Blaker

April 3 Ron Krahl

April 4 Jeanne Hollenbeck


In Sympathy:  Our condolences to John Allen and Family, whose mother died last week.

Prayer List

Muriel Allemand (Jim & Connie Malone’s friend); Maureen Baker (Carla DeMeco’s friend); Steve Beck (Heidi Schwarz’s brother); Keith Blaker; Brad Bliss; Marjorie Case; Cathy Coots; Christian (Whitey Schultz’s son); Peggy & Bob DeSantis (Dorice & Don Raw, Sr.’s friends); Julie English (Janet & Kim Tenreiro’s friend); Sandy Erdman and Family; Brian Fuscaldo (Mara Huberlie’s nephew); Jerry Gomez (Kathi Nacca’s friend); Barb Harradine; Gayle Henry; Carin Herren; Bill Huberlie; Jeff Johnson (Jim & John Johnson’s brother); Carol Kober (Debbie Lyon’s neighbor); Jim Kolesar (George & Carin Herren’s friend); Sue Kotalik; Michelle List (JoAnn Reed’s friend); Loren (Meg & Jack Radley’s friend); Lynn (Joan Ryan’s friend); Scott Lyon (Betty’s son); Eileen McCarthy (Carla DeMeco & Betsy Dresser’s friend); Sally Mueller; Liz Nelson (Kathy Ward’s friend); Chris Pritchard (Rick, Cindy Mullen & George Herren’s friend); Jack and Meg Radley; Sara (Meg & Jack Radley’s granddaughter); Scott & Amanda (nephew and niece of Don & Marilyn DeSmith); John Paul and Pat Smith; Smith/Dworetsky Family (Okke & Kathy Postma’s friends); Sally Stowell (Alice Berry’s mother); Walker (Don & Dorice Raw’s friend); Kathy Ward; Gordon Wenner (George & Carin Herren’s friend); Merle Winn (Amy Ogden’s friend); Josh Yeo (Barb Stahl’s friend); Jason Zeller (Kathy Ward’s son); Linda Zeller (Kathy Ward’s daughter in law)


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